Welcome from the Maasai People

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I have just uploaded a collection of images taken with the Maasai people in Northern Kenya. Their welcome (including a short video), the children, the men and the women. You see into one of their huts and how fire is made in this gallery. A beautiful people. Monochrome images of the children have been added to the Children of Africa gallery.


More Faces of Bex White

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I have just updated my gallery of portrait images of Bex White to included ones which turn on the dramatic rather than the beautiful. Bex is able to portray many characters and roles and as such is a very versatile young lady. For the purposes of this blog I have included both the beautiful and the dramatic. During the shooting of the last image she was actually allowed to have a glass of wine.

What's New Pussy Cat with Bex White

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Bex reinterprets "What's New Pussy Cat" in this somewhat cheeky and saucy gallery of images



Samburu National Park - Kenya

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Welcome to the new gallery. The image is of the drying up river, the rains haven't been good this season. The gallery which is rapidly expanding already has images of giraffe, babbon, gazelle, lions and elephants. There is more to come. The land itself it now ignored and I already included several panoramas of the National Park.


I love lens caps

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An unknown childAn unknown child


This image has been added to my Children on Africa (Kenya) gallery. It was taken in the office when the child and mother arrived. The office staff tended to the mother who wanted money to feed her child. The child latched on to me, pinning me in my chair. The result being that I had little chance of composing the picture and the child really took a delight in sucking on the lens cap.