Yorkshire the White Rose County

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With  rapidly growing collection of photographs from this beautiful county I have had to restructure the collection with gallery's relating to specific areas of the county and in particular the Dales and Moors. Currently in the collection are:

Rivaleaux Abbey

Rosedale (the North York Moors)

Swaledale and North Yorkshire

Wensleydale and Malham

I hope that you will enjoy them and the seasons they represent. To see the changes that can occur I have chose to high light this with two images taken at the Hadraw Falls near Hawes. One image was taken in June in the height of summer, the other more recent was taken this month on my latest trip north. The other two images were also taken this month on Swaledale and Arkengarthdale. They depict two aspects of history. The bridge which is still in use dates back hundreds of years and once was the resting place for coffins being moved from the upper dale to the nearest place of burial several miles downstream. Arkengarth was by contrast a place of industry at the time of the industrial revolution up until the19th century. The Old Gang Lead Mine and Smelting Plant is now an protected heritage site and a place of peace in a beautiful but sometimes a forbidding landscape.


Hadraw Falls (summer)Hadraw Falls (summer) Hadraw FallsHadraw Falls Bridge over the SwaleBridge over the Swale Old Gang Lead MineOld Gang Lead Mine



Kenyan Journey

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I have at last produced the first of my books that recounts my recent experiences there, working as a volunteer in a children's home and school in Nanyuki. It is available as a large landscape photobook for £75.00 or alternatively as an e-book for just $1.99. The proceeds from any sales will in due course find there way back to the school directly or indirectly. I hope you take a few minutes to preview the book and perhaps make a decision.

Kenyan Journey








River Maiden

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When I discovered the River Ocreza in early 2014 I knew that it would be a lovely place to work with my muse Bex White, when she joined me a month or so later. We both enjoyed the area that we returned to following year for another shoot about fifty metres from the previous location we had used. Later I place a few images from our time there is a gallery on the website which received a reasonable number of visitors. 

About a month ago I found again the original RAW files for the sessions and decided to have another look at them. When I did I realised that there were so many worthy of inclusion in the gallery that I set too and reworked them all. It took time but was worth it, in my opinion. The result has been to rename the gallery River Maiden and upload a more comprehensive series of images that reflect the fun and enjoyment we had there. 

In addition I produced two slide shows (now uploaded). The first slide show I have pinned to the blog, the second is technically NSFW although how anyone could be offended by the images of naturism at its purist I fail to grasp. The slide show does take about seven minutes so I suggest that you sit back, relax and enjoy a little entertainment.



Glamour Nude - New Holly Rose Gallery

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A new gallery of colour glamour nude images had been added to my Holly Rose collection. Take a look.


Meet Gemma

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A new gallery of glamour images has now been uploaded. Gemma looks you straight in the eyes, and they are beautiful. Cheeky, saucy and sexy.