Bluebells in Springtime with Kayleigh

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A new gallery has been added to Kayleigh's collection 'Bluebells in Springtime'. A mixture of casual fashion and art nude images taken a few years ago. Have just reworked them as a reminder that spring is't that far away. 


Classic Monochrome Art Nude additions

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For more drop in on Kayleigh's collectionFor more drop in on Kayleigh's collection


For the first time in a while I have turned my attention to classic art nude photographs. Although the new additions were taken a while ago they have lost nothing in the passage of time.


Bex White is the Autumn Girl

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Bex White in a new series of images taken in an arboretum last autumn. Casual and fashion shots reflect the day of soft light, the autumn colours, trees, bushes and the bridge. It was a beautiful afternoon, so relaxed just like the weather that day. 


French Pyrenees

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New additions to my Languedoc and the French Pyrenees gallery. All images were taken in mid-summer and close too, on from the Pic du Midi


Pyrenees Panoramas

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I have just added two panoramas for the Languedoc and Pyrenees Gallery. These are both stitched together from 7/8 originals taken on my very first digital camera Canon D350 with just 6mp's. Using new software in combination they both now have some majesty which reflects the views on the day. In processing them I have use Lightroom, Colour FX and finally Photoshop. The images are between 46 and 50 inches in length and 11/13 high. Pic du Midi 1Pic du Midi 1This is the first of two panoramic images of the Pyrenees taken from Pic du Midi.Taken on the first if July it show the remaining snows on top of the mountains. It has only recently been possible to put together the seven photographs that make the panorama. Originally taken with my first digital camera a Canon D350 which only had 6mp capacity. Really pleased with this and it sister image. Pyrenees from the Pic Du Midi  - 2Pyrenees from the Pic Du Midi - 2This is the second panoramic picture taken from the Pic du Midi revealing the range of the Pyrenees as tourists look on.