Bex White and the Memoirs of Kayleigh Sanderson

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I have again encouraged Bex White to read for me. This time it is the introduction to the life of Kayleigh Sanderson. Today, the first part of her life story ‘Born to Lose’ is now available in a wide range of formats including PDF and e-book. There are paper copies as well but these are expensive.


The proceeds from any sales will be made available through Projects Abroad UK to improve the lives of the street kids and orphans at Home and Home in Nanyuki, Kenya. I worked at Hope and Home for a month this year and got to know the children well and want to continue helping them in an small way that I can. Every Little Helps.

This is one way. If you download the book then those proceeds will eventually find their way to the school and home. £2.49 for an e-book and £4.99 for the PDF is not a lot. If in doubt how about visiting my Kenya Collection

To help go to:

If you wonder where Kenya fits into the story you will have to wait.

Memoirs of Kayleigh Sanderson - Born to Lose













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