An Evening on the Estrela with Bex White

July 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This new gallery following immediately from the previous one and takes our journey high up into the Estrela in the early evening.

We started by finding Cabeca da Velha off of M513. A very step climb for the car up an unpaved road (rock and gullies that could easily have grounded the car) Eventually we made it to find a totally destroyed building with trees growing inside. There was also the 'smiling man' rock waiting there for us.  He was lovely and someone had taken the opportunity to place smaller rocks where his teeth would have been. There we took a mixture of nude and saucy fashion shots, before venturing back down the incline.

From there it was a continuing climb up to the highest point on the N339. There we passed the Barragen Marques de Silva which was bathed in the beautiful 'golden hour' light. The road continued to climb with cloud drifting up to surround us. Then came the snow, not a great deal (it was June) but it was holding on in the sheltered hollows. Where there is snow there is water, in the form of melt pools. It was to much of a temptation, despite the air temperature which was only 8c at that point.

Such was the temptation that Bex decided, without prompting that she wanted to stand in theme. They could barely have been much above freezing. It was such as beautiful location and only a fee metres off of the main road (but then nearly devoid of traffic).) Within minutes we were taking nude photographs. It must we said that see was sensible and didn't sit in the water. That would have been awkward as we didn't have a towel and she was driving at that point.

What was amazing, was the clarity of the light at that point. It was beautiful way to end our first day in Portugal.

As usual I cannot make up my mind whether I like colour or monochrome so the gallery in a mixture of both. I hope you enjoy viewing it.



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