Chris Orchin Photography | Trust Betrayed - extract

Trust Betrayed - extract

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Trust Betrayed - extract


Introducing a new gallery - story time - see Bex White read from the book Trust Betrayed in which she provides the cover and several of the photographs inside.  This marks a departure for me, combining photography with writing.

At the end of November last year I finally produced ‘Trust Betrayed’ as a novel and uploaded it to Blurb. Last month I visited Bex White whose image appeared on the front cover and in several other images within the book itself and videoed her reading just one page. 


The page is early in the book and is set in Portugal after Gemma’s first meeting with Ann in a deserted village where she has sought refuge from life. 


When Bex read it her comment was 


‘Some of it is like reading my own thoughts and experiences of some of the incredible places we visited. I can almost see, smell and feel some of these places as I read. It is making me yearn for these wonderful parts of Portugal’ 


Today I have decided to release the video on my website and here. It also coincides with the news that the cover photograph which is called ‘Fear’ has been accepted at the Vale of Evesham as part of the British Photographic Exhibition circuit.


For those who think they might enjoy a read then follow the link. Available in various formats including an e-book version for just $1.99. Warning the book does become more gritty as you find out what Gemma went through.

For more about the book follow the link:



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