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River Maiden

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I discovered the River Ocreza in early 2014 I knew that it would be a lovely place to work with my muse Bex White, when she joined me a month or so later. We both enjoyed the area that we returned to following year for another shoot about fifty metres from the previous location we had used. Later I place a few images from our time there is a gallery on the website which received a reasonable number of visitors. 

About a month ago I found again the original RAW files for the sessions and decided to have another look at them. When I did I realised that there were so many worthy of inclusion in the gallery that I set too and reworked them all. It took time but was worth it, in my opinion. The result has been to rename the gallery River Maiden and upload a more comprehensive series of images that reflect the fun and enjoyment we had there. 

In addition I produced two slide shows (now uploaded). The first slide show I have pinned to the blog, the second is technically NSFW although how anyone could be offended by the images of naturism at its purist I fail to grasp. The slide show does take about seven minutes so I suggest that you sit back, relax and enjoy a little entertainment.




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