Chris Orchin Photography | Urbex Exploration at the Panoramico in Lisbon

Urbex Exploration at the Panoramico in Lisbon

April 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Three years ago I found the Panoramico in Lisbon. It can hardly be missed as you can see as you fly into the airport. Although I had been to the city several times before it was the first time that I actually set out to find the building on top of Monsanto. 

A long walk and I eventually arrived to find this beautiful art-deco building just falling into run. I wasn't that only one there that day, several others also seemed to have discovered it.

After my trip I simply posted seven images onto the website although I return later with my muse and model Bex White for a fashion shoot again the incredible backgrounds and backdrops.

The interior wasn't the only thing to marvel at. from the shattered windows it was possible to look out over the city to the Rio Tejo, (Tagus) and Christo Rei on the far bank.

I have recently revisited the original images at the same time wondering what had happened to the building in the three years since my visit. It is for that reason I have decided to create a definitive collection of my photographs taken on that day. For me it a record, and who knows in years to come have a place in the story of the building.

Several photographs have been fused together to give a provide an almost panoramic view of the building. The photo above is one such image.


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