Chris Orchin Photography | Bex White Naked on the Parched Serra Estrela

Bex White Naked on the Parched Serra Estrela

August 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This was an unplanned location. We were driving back to our hotel when the road on front was closed for the end of a car rally. So what to do with the time. It wasn't an option to sit in a hot car. So, we remembered a little turn off just back up the hill. It was fortuitous as both of us loved what we had found. A rough and rocky escarpment with huge boulders and a ground that was littered with quartz and slate fragments on very eroded ground. 

The lack of rain and rocky soil meant that the trees that had been there had long since died and fallen. So we set too, first finding the peak. It was marked by one of the huge boulders. Climbing to the top there was an exclamation that she had the world at her feet. In many ways she had. Beyond the boulder the land fell away, probably more than a thousand feet to the valley below. 

The result was a beautiful collection of images with poses that tried the reflect the landscape we found ourselves in. I have produced most of the images in the gallery in monochrome as this medium seemed to best reflect the drama of the location. I hope you enjoy. A comment would be appreciated once you've seen the gallery.


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