Chris Orchin Photography | Naturtejo Geo. Park

This national park in centred around the city of Castelo Branco extending to the Spanish border in the east. The images in this gallery primarily reveal both the landscape and wild life of the area although the villages of Monsanto and Idhana-a-Vehla are featured.
River OcrezaLake behind the dam at Marechal CarmonaLooking toward MonsantoLake at Marechal CarmonaIdhana-a-VehlaPenafiel CastlePenafiel CastleRiver OcrezaOn top of MonsantoIdanha a-VelhaPenha GarciaPenha Garcia Castelo from belowRiver at Idanha-a-VelhaIdanha-a-VelhaIdanha-a-VehlaPenha Garcia below the CasteloReflections in the River Ocreza